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Toronto Dance Industry Competitive contemporary dance routine photo "Just for One Day"



We understand that students dance for different reasons, and make every effort to accommodate every one of our dancers individually. A student dancing for pure enjoyment, one hour a week deserves as much dedication, and technical training from our instructors as the more career-oriented dancer. Everyone has their own personal goals as a dancer; we are dedicated to helping you reach yours.

Dancer stretching photo

By being challenged and stimulated as dancers, we create healthy minds in addition to our healthy bodies. Social interaction, creativity and discipline are only some of the skills also developed through classes at TDI; skills that continue to support us in our day to day living. All of our classes involve the preparation and performance in our annual recital. The process of learning, perfecting and finally performing your art, creates self-confidence, self-worth and an incredible sense of accomplishment in an individual.


For students who are looking at dance as a career choice, Toronto Dance Industry Inc. offers many extended training opportunities through conventions, master classes, dance workshops, performances, competitions and auditions.

Our faculty is a blend of experienced professionals who meet all corners of the dance world.  We are proud to provide instructors who can share first hand, their knowledge and expertise with our students. Our instructors continuously upgrade their skills through various classes, workshops and conventions in Canada and the U.S. for the latest choreography and teaching techniques.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Our faculty may be qualified, our prices competitive, and our dancers award winners. But when all is said and done, we have gained our success through passion. We hope to have the pleasure of sharing our passion with you. After all, how can you beat anything that comes from the heart?

September 1988 marked the first year of the dance school, then called "Monika's Modern Dancers". A small, family run business determined to excel. With only twenty students and teaching classes out of a local school gymnasium, we finished our first season. The next two years included classes in a nearby church basement.

In 1991 we moved into our first official "dance studio" above a strip mall, complete with one dressing room, a waiting room and of course, the dance room itself. There we grew over the next four years, and moved into our 2,500 square foot studio. The warehouse style building was much larger...and included a second dance room to accommodate our growing number of students. 

With a name change to "Toronto Dance Industry" we called this location 'home' for the next eight years. The studio continued to flourish. The following five years were spent dancing in our 5.000 square foot facility, with four dance rooms. And now, with just a short move next door, and at the start of our 28th season, we call the SuperStudio home. 14,000 square feet and six dance rooms, with so many "extras", TDI has gone above and beyond any dance school in the GTA to make your visits comfortable and your dance experiences positive. Our cutting edge studio is definitely one of a kind... and the same, dedicated family remains at the heart of it all.

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