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Competitive Program

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Competitive classes are organized in groups we call "Companies". During assessment, many factors determine a student's placement within a Company. Elements such as age, experience, technique, style, performance, coordination, flexibility, and class behavior are all considered, in addition to the student's ability to take direction and apply corrections. There is always a cross over of ages as all students are different, and we strive to accommodate each dancer's ability and potential. It is important that students are at par with the remainder of their Company so as not to hold back the rest of their group. A student placed in a Company which is too advanced cannot improve technically for struggling to keep up with the steps and choreography alone. Placement is at the discretion of the director and will not be changed.


Required training time for our competitive students vary by Company. We are pleased to offer both Part-Time and Full-Time Competitive Programs. Minimum training time for our Part-Time Company members is three hours per week. Most students in the advanced levels train upwards of thirteen hours per week. Because of the extensive training time for these students, class schedules are set as is with no fluctuation. Should you have late dismissals from school, other weeknight or weekend commitments, we may not be able to meet your needs.


Entrance to our Competitive Program is by either selection or audition. Should one of our instructors approach you regarding the Competitive Program, it simply entails that we recognize the talent, potential, and hard work that is displayed by your son or daughter. We are aware of their capabilities and feel that they are not being met as they could if he or she was to commit to our Competitive team. Even if no changes are made in your child's courses, you should be proud! Being part of the competitive team involves longer studio hours and great dedication and commitment from both the student and his/her parents. But in return, the rewards are endless:

  • Students build great amounts of self-confidence, hard work, determination, and self-respect.

  • Competition teaches students the discipline and attitude that is also needed in our day to day life.

  • Lasting friendships for students and parents. Shared interests and valued opinions.

  • Opportunities to work with well noted figures in the dance industry. Through adjudication and master classes we are critiqued. We grow and learn. We hear about what we've done well and how we can improve. 

  • We learn about team work and good sportsmanship. We learn how to win honorably and fall short graciously.

  • Exposure.

  • There is no pressure in the world of competition with Toronto Dance Industry. It's not about winning or losing. It's about making your already enjoyable dance world, that much bigger -- and that much better.

Toronto Dance Industry Inc. Competitive Contemporary Dance routine "Eleven and the Upside Down" photo
Toronto Dance Industry Inc. 2017 Luv 2 Dance National Title winners photo at the gala in Niagara Falls

Auditions are held each summer for students with dance experience looking to join our Competitive Program.
To set up an audition, please call the studio 416.285.4470.

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