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Toronto Dance Industry Inc. senior competitive tap team feet photo


Q: "How many students are accepted into your classes?"

A: Toronto Dance Industry Inc. has a class limit of 16 students per class, and 12 students for Pre-Dance and Kinder Dance classes. It is important not to over-crowded classes. Over-crowding means less attention to the students, not to mention no space to move! Most often classes of more than 10 students have one or two assistant teachers in addition to their instructor. Technique classes for our Companies are unlimited.

Q: "What happens if we move out of the area, or my child discovers dancing is not for her?"

A: In the event of withdrawl from classes, all uncashed cheques are returned to you and further credit card transactions are terminated. We do encourage you to complete the term as TDI does not refund the unused portion of a term payment. Once a payment has been processed, refunds are not available. Cancellation of membership is required in writing, fourteen days prior to the start of your next term to avoid any further tuition charges.

Q: "Why do you order costumes from the U.S.?"

A: Less hassle and inexpensive costume fees. Even considering exchange rates, duty and shipping, we find that ordering our costumes in this manor is still our better bet. Often times students and parents are required to attend a number of costume fittings throughout the year. We measure your child once, and they are fitted once. These events take place during class time. You are not required to attend lengthy fittings with a seamstress. Comparible costumes purchased locally cost approximately $180-$250 CAD each. You pay only $96-$160 CAD per costume, depending on your size and program.

Q: "What is the price difference for competitive classes versus recreational classes?"

A: There is no price difference in class fees. The competitive program does have extra expenses such as entry fees, team suits, etc. however, tuition fees are the same whether you dance competitively or recreationally. Competitive students could pay more in tuition due to the minimum training time requirements.

Q: "I am 15 years old and have never had any dance training. I'd love to take classes, but does being a beginner mean I'll be put into a class with little kids?"

A: Absolutely not! TDI offers classes at different levels for all ages. You would be placed in a class with other fifteen year old beginners!

Q: "My son shows a great interest in dance but is uncomfortable in a class of only girls. Are there other boys enrolled at your studio?"

A: Yes! While Tap and Hip Hop seem to be the most popular classes among the boys these days, we do have many boys enrolled in Jazz, Acro, Musical Theatre and Ballet. With three male instructors at the studio and a separate boys change room, our male students are treated equally and find just as much comfort around the studio as our female students.

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