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Toronto Dance Industry Inc. Senior Ballet class with young dancer at ballet bar


A shy, uncertain yet curious, little girl struggles to open the door to the studio where she will take her first dance class. The very same little girl who we watch four years later, skips with the excitement of another new season, down the corridor as she enters the studio as a much more determined, and disciplined child than we had seen before. It's not long before the front door opens once again, only to find the same girl, six years older, with the same smile, and the same thrill at the thought of the start of another dance season. Only this time she is confident, she is responsible, and she is independent.

For many dancers, TDI becomes a second home as they continue to walk through our doors day after day...year after year. Quality training aside, we are fortunate to watch our dancers grow into successful individuals who display the values and morals that seem to be less apparent these days. Individuals who understand the meaning of commitment, and the significance of loyalty. 

Dance Decades is an incentive course available to both Competitive and Recreational students who have made TDI their second home. The program is designed to reward students and their parents in scholarship fashion, for their endless support and dedication to the studio. In a world where integrity and character can easily be lost, we are happy to be able to compensate those who share in our beliefs and continue to instill moral values in their children; our future.



Awards are presented annually for Five Year Membership, and Ten Year Membership. Upon completion of your tenth consecutive full season, students become a Dance Decades Member.


Once a student has become a Dance Decades Member, he or she is entitled to dance tuition-free for the remainder of their enrolment at Toronto Dance Industry. Tuition-free classes and rewards are based on the past registration of the student.




Students of the Recreational and Part-Time Competitive Programs will receive their Dance Decades Membership after ten consecutive years of enrolment at TDI. This membership entitles the dancer to a one hour class, free of charge, from the Recreational Program for the remainder of their enrolment at TDI until the age of 19 years.


Students of the Full-Time Competitive Program will receive their Dance Decades Company Membership after ten consecutive years of enrolment in the Full-Time Competitive Program at TDI. The Company Membership entitles the dancer to unlimited suitable classes (director's discretion) from the Competitive Program for the remainder of their enrolment at TDI until the age of 19 years.

  • Memberships are non-transferable and have no cash value

  • Memberships are awarded after ten consecutive years of enrolment. Registration must be completed by September 15 each year to qualify as one year for 5, 10 and 15 year awards.  Dance seasons must be fully completed each year to qualify as one year. Late registrations and registrations for half seasons will result in the start of a new enrollment term when considering Dance Decades status.

  • Annual registration fees still apply.

  • Dance Decades Memberships are valid until the age of 19 years as of September 15, each dance season. (Students who turn 20 years of age after September 15, will complete that dance season as their final term. Upon completion of the season, Membership will no longer be valid).

  • Tuition-free classes must be completed each year to continue the following season until membership is invalid.

  • Tuition-free classes are available at the discretion of the director, provided space is available.

  • Tuition-free classes consist of the regular classes from our Competitive and/or Recreational classes. Tuition-free classes do not include private and semi-private lessons. Additional expenses still apply (competition fees, costume fees, choreography fees, specialty classes, etc.)

  • Toronto Dance Industry Inc. reserves the right to cancel a Membership at any time.

  • Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

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