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Our 14,000 square foot facility houses seven state-of-the-art dance studios. With a combined dance space of more than 6000 square feet, these bright, clean, spacious studios are fully equipped with a sprung, Harlequin-covered dance floor for injury prevention, professional sound system, wall to wall mirrors and ballet barres. Our oversized viewing windows in each studio remain uncovered for the duration of every class for your viewing pleasure. Or, if you prefer, you can relax in our large parent's lounge and watch your child's class from the closed circuit viewing monitors. There is also a large, flat screen television with cable television for your enjoyment. 

The studio offers multiple boys and girls change rooms, large washrooms, a locker room, lunch room, and quiet room specifically designed for parents and students to complete homework, including with free wireless internet.

There are two large parking lots located at the north and south of the building, each with their own entrance to the studio. Parking is never a problem at Toronto Dance Industry.

Importance of Proper Dance Flooring

Safety is the number one issue with dancers when it comes to flooring. If a floor is not absorbent, the body becomes the shock absorber, resulting in fatigue, pain and injury. All movement generates energy and dance is certainly no exception. Energy that is returned directly to the body is dangerous. Shin splints, fatigue, knee and back problems, strains and even broken foot bones can result. Students should never train, rehearse or perform on a non-energy absorbent floor, such as concrete. Any substance laid directly on concrete does not remove you from the concrete unless air is involved. In addition to energy absorbency, energy can be dissipated by resiliency. Energy leaves the body, is transferred to the sub floor that deflects and safely returns the energy. This is the "spring" in the floor. Wood is the best of resilient materials.  


Lateral foot support is also an element which is often overlooked when it comes to the nature of your dance floor. Sinking into an absorbent floor increases your chances of turning an ankle. Relying solely on absorbent materials or systems that are too spongy, is the leading cause of ankle injury.


At Toronto Dance Industry, our 2.5" raised dance floors are designed with the proper degree of absorption and resilience. Specifically designed for dance, and comprised primarily of foam, wood and air, we are confident that any dancer, and their body, will appreciate and feel the elements of safety and security in our floors.  Parents can be assured that children will train safely, while their young bodies continue to grow and strengthen, injury-free.


Harlequin Reversible is a calendared vinyl consisting of a complex ‘sandwich' providing a slip resistant surface. This covering is used on every one of the dance studio floors at Toronto Dance Industry. Harlequin Floors is a world wide source of the finest dance floors systems for the professional dancer and stage performer, providing the best quality dance flooring available.

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